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Data Analysis and Statistical Inference – Coursera

  • Início: 17 Fev 2014
  • Duração do curso: 10 semanas
  • Esforço estimado: 6h-8h por semana

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MOOCs by the numbers: Where are we now?

TED Blog

Whatever your opinion of them, you can’t deny that MOOCs have come a long way in the last few years. To help put the massive online courses into some perspective, Alex Cusack, a contributing writer at, a blog that covers news about MOOCs (edited by Zachary Davis, a producer for HarvardX, a spin-off of edX) shared this handy infographic.

Cusack, a consultant in educational technology, regularly works with corporations and universities looking to design online education programs. And he’s a MOOC alum himself; his own experience with the courses (he has variously started, completed and dropped out of classes offered by Coursera, edX, Udacity and Udemy) has informed his take on the topic. As he told me over the phone, he became drawn to MOOCs when he realized, “I could attend Stanford-level classes and get objective content at basically free or little cost.” As a business major at Azusa…

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MIT to offer its first professional MOOC in big data


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been involved in online education since the early days, and now it’s taking it a step further. Yesterday, the college announced its first online, professional-leaning Massively Open Online Course (MOOC), entitled “Tackling the Challenge of Big Data.”

Led by a dozen faculty from the university’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at the School of Engineering, the four-week course starts at the beginning of March and is directed specifically at technical professionals and executives — not academic-types. The course is the first in a new set of courses offered by the university called Online X, which offers professional classes through the edX platform.

One important thing, though: these classes may be open, but they don’t come cheap. Participating in the course will run users $495 — far from the free price tags of many MOOCs available. But it’s likely that extra cost…

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Research into edX’s First MOOC

Primeiro MOOC desenvolvido na plataforma edX, o curso Circuits and Electronics (6.002x) teve seus dados analisados por um grupo de 6 PhD’s:

  • Lori Breslow, MIT
  • David E. Pritchard, MIT
  • Jennifer DeBoer, MIT
  • Glenda S. Stump, MIT
  • Andrew D. Ho, Harvard University
  • Daniel T. Seaton, MIT

Os resultados foram publicados no artigo “Studying Learning in the Worldwide Classroom Research into edX’s First MOOC (pdf)

Os resultados são interessantes! =)

Primeiro post

Olá! =)

Sou Eric Couto, formado em Engenharia da Computação e criei este blog com o intuito de promover o compartilhamento de conhecimento, implementações, notícias e minhas experiências em Análise de DadosIA, MOOC’s e demais assuntos correlatos.


Estreando o blog, gostaria de postar um demo interativo para que você possa testar alguns algoritmos de busca.

Em breve, falaremos detalhadamente de alguns desses algoritmos por aqui e faremos a implementação dos mesmos em Python! ^^