Synference thinks A/B testing can get a lot smarter with machine learning


Say a web publisher wants to find out which banner ad is most appealing to which audience, or which price point will make a certain user more likely to buy. Normally it would use multivariate A/B testing — the process of showing different versions of the same screen or screen elements to users and  gathering data on their reactions — but the process is lengthy and testing numerous variables like location, time of day, or browser used spreads the data thin.

Synference, an API and company that is launching today, aims to solve this.

The Ireland-based operation uses A/B testing, machine learning and basic user data garnered from IP addresses and user agent. As the API receives user feedback — did she click on a banner or not? — Synference detects patterns of user behavior and updates its statistical model accordingly. It also allows companies to exploit this information before…

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